"Kiki is a brilliant, funny and totally focused actress. Watching her add subtle layers to her character on the fly and bringing a performance to life on set is a joy. She's a rare talent. "
Armand Attard director on 'Last Tango in Croydon' www.armandattardfilms.com
"We had the pleasure of working with Kiki in 2008 on our first UK Film Council funded short film, 'Sertoli, Sertoli, Sertoli'. Kiki's experience and enthusiasm was incredibly helpful to us on set and her attitude was always one of complete professionalism, a great influence on our other actors and young crew. She took direction quickly and easily, and when the inevitable challenges of a low budget reared their heads, she was always ready with a helpful suggestion. Kiki's commitment to the project carried on long after production - she was constantly promotiong the film and single-handedly secured us a screening at BAFTA in London. Kiki's performance is stand-out, always the first thing praised by an audience and we look forward to working with her again with great anticipation. Ah, Night Night Light is all filmed, sadly - we couldn't get a Kiki in this time, but we're always looking to! "
Owen Williams and Adam Wright directors of 'Sertoli, Sertoli, Sertoli' Tomfoolery Pictures www.tomfoolerypictures.co.uk
"Kiki was wonderful to work with. Both in the audition, that was improvised based, she just gave her all and was inventive and generous. And also on the shoot. She was so great to work with. Fun with me and the crew. Supportive. "
Lisa Gornick, director 'Do I Love You?' lisagornick.com
"Kiki is a great actress to work with, very inventive and creative. She took direction very well and was able to bring a lot to the character. "
Karl Rooney director on The Green
"Kiki Kendrick is easily one of the most gifted, brave, intelligent, natural, sensual, committed and collaborative actors, I've had the good fortune to work with over my not inconsiderable experience of twenty years directing drama. I recommend her without reservation. Faithfully. "
WIZ director of 'Angry Mob' for The Kaiser Chiefs and 'Dirtee Cash' for Dizzie Rascal oilfactory.com/director/17-W-I-Z-
"It is my pleasure to recommend the wonderful, versatile actress Kiki Kendrick for any role that you may have in mind for her. When casting for the role of Michelle in my film 'Platre de Paris' she stood out immediately from the huge number of applicants. Her film and TV credits are a testament not only to her talent but to how hard she works. Working with her on set was again a pleasure, she works hard and takes direction very well. Her vibrant and enthusiastic approach to her role was a great experience for everyone on set. Kiki is without doubt one of the finest character actresses that I have worked with and has my highest recommendation. In my opinion she is a tremendous asset to any production. This is why I have again cast her in my feature film 'Gridiron UK' to be shot this summer. I'm happy to provide further information if required. "
Gary Delaney, Producer Brushy Creek Films www.brushycreekfilms.com
"Working with Kiki was a complete pleasure - she really got to grips with the character and the story we were trying to create. She made the character her own, suggesting variations within certain scenes as well as making important suggestions for the story. She was involved with her character from early pre-production and as a result really nailed the role and added a lot to the film. I would happily work with Kiki on future films. "
Oliver Briginshaw, director of 'The Towel'
"I went to see Kiki last year in Next, her one woman show and was absolutely blown away, as was every other member of the audience. She managed to elicit every emotion in us from laughter to tears and everything in between. On the strength of thattalent and charisma, I startedusing her to appear on radio commercials and she is a wonderful actress, able to bring something extra to everything she does. She is charming, funny and takes direction brilliantly. I would recommend her to anyone as both a performer and a human being. "
Paul Burke, director of several of my commercial voice overs.
"I am more than happy to recommend Kiki Kendrick to you. I've directed her in two quite different productions and she is that rare creature - an actress capable of creating unique and quirky characters who also happens tobe thoroughly professional and reliable. She's a joy to work with ".
James Barry director of 'NEXT!' and 'The Woman who Cooked her Husband'
"Kiki auditioned for our first film Phobias in 2006. When she walked in the room she had developed her character so completely, we truly believed she had a cleft lip and which lead to her being phobic.... what more could we ask for? We have known Kiki since and seen her prepare for many roles. One thing is for certain, she is thorough and approaches every role passionately. We can easily say that Kiki is professional and committed to everything she becomes involved in. We hope you find your character in her. "
Bert and Bertie, directors of 'Phobias' www.bertiefilms.co.uk
"Kiki acted in my film The Nine Lives of Tomas Katz, playing a series of scenes that depicted the listless daily life of an urban housewife... who... on losing her son, and her television (!) in a sudden accident, becomes a screaming, traumatised maniac (!) (I should also add that the tone of the scenes is comic). Kiki succeeded wonderfully in conveying both a naturalistic, "daily life " performance, and the subsequent screaming histrionics, managing to keep it both real, and funny at the same time - a difficult combination. She arrived at the performance immediately, instinctively understanding what was needed, and altogether it was a pleasure to work with her. In the editing room, we cut the film down from a rough cut of over two hours to an end product of 85 mins. We didn't cut a single moment of Kiki's scenes! I can recommend her without hesitation. "
Ben Hopkins, director of 'Nine Lives of Thomas Katz' www.benhopkins.eu
"Kiki was more than we could have asked for in our lead role. There was no fee for the work, kiki made herself as available as is possible in these situations. She was even happy to do a re-shoot so we could produce a short that we all felt much happier with. "
Dominic Wade, director of 'Time Out' www.docobanksy.com
"Kiki Kendrick is one of the most fearless actors I have ever worked with. She is very collaborative and full of compelling character ideas... "
Roderick Fenské, director of 'Careful Carl' www.hungryman.com
"Kiki Kendrick played the role of Sarah in feature film Frontman. Her performance carried an amazing subtlety which was seemingly effortless yet emotionally engaging. It was tender, heart warming and real. Her performance contributed to what turned out to be the best scenes in the film. Kiki is an incredible talent and an absolute pleasure to work with. "
Ben Hyland, director of Frontman. www.beat24.co.uk

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